DIY IoT projects with no coding or soldering required!


DIY Project Parts

Parts Needed for All Projects

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ESP8266 Development Board ESP8266 Development Board (~$3 @ AliExpress; Nov 2017)
DIY Project Box Enclosure 100x60x25mm

Female to Female Jumper Wires

MicroUSB cable (10′ Cable Recommended)
USB Wall Charger

Project Specific Parts

Tactile Push Button (Cap optional)

Wifi Smoke Alarm Notifier

Microphone Sensor (Get the red one with the small screw)

Wifi Door Sensor

MC-38 Sensor (~$2 for 1 sensor, less if you buy in bulk; Nov 2015)

Project Tools



Smoke Detector

Precision Screwdriver Set

Super Glue

Ebay Links

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