DIY IoT projects with no coding or soldering required!


NodeMCU ESP8266 Chip

This is the basic chip we use for all IoT Projects. Check it out!


Some Updates! – Site is Growing, New Code, Code Comments & More!

Hey DIYers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted on About 2 years ago, I was tinkering with some hardware and trying to build some of the cool projects that were already out there on the web. I didn’t have a soldering iron at the time, or a breadboard or anything most tinkerer’s have….

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Getting Started (5): Modding Your Enclosure

One of the final parts of any device building project is modding an enclosure to house your dev board and sensor. Actually, the enclosure is nice to have, but not 100% necessary. You could put this project inside of a soap case or a pencil box, or other common household objects. Just make sure the…

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Getting Started (4): Loading Device Software Via LuaLoader

If you’ve finished the Getting Started: Setup ESP8266 Dev Board tutorial, then your dev board now speaks Lua and its ready to start communicating with the world. Now it just needs specific instructions or programs to be useful for your specific device use case. Lucky for you, I’ve already written the software necessary to get your sensor up…

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